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Death & Starlight

on my last day,
Felix gives me a piece of staurolite he'd
found in Angel Canyon

Andrew and Evan had talked about "starlight" before
& had shown me a round chunk like
greyish-brown coal with an irridescent sheen

but the stone Felix gives me
has the naturally-occurring cruciform
shape they said existed,
small & fractured into
beautiful angles

Evan give me his blue stone skull
carved from lapis lazule,
its elongated head a deep royal blue
flecked with silver-gold pyrite
like a scattering of stars

"won't you want it?" I ask
"we can share it when I see you again,"
he says

I feel protected, looked after,
by my time here
by the gifts I've been given

I leave adorned in silver and turquoise.
death and starlight tucked safely
in my luggage