Aijung Kim - Printmaking & Illustration

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About Me
I am an artist, writer, and printmaker who is fascinated by the intersection of visual art and language. I like to write and illustrate poems and stories. I make prints, drawings, and crafts. For me, art should be an everyday thing – from illustrations in books, to the painting hanging in your kitchen, to the exhibit at the museum, and wherever you can find it in-between.

I received my BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, majoring in Fine Arts/Printmaking. As a printmaker, I am drawn to the challenges and surprises inherent in the form: planning each layer of the image; carving, cutting, and building up the printmaking plate; and finally inking and pulling the print. I also like experimenting with other media such as drawing, painting, fiber, book art, and mixed media.

My inspirations include nature, paper crafts, toys, comics, and children's books. Some of my favorite artists and illustrators are Gustav Baumann, Edward Gorey, Peter Sis, Tove Jansson, Arnold Lobel, and Beni Montresor.

I currently live in Richmond, Virginia with my husband and my sweet tabby cat.